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Miryana Ristovski (Leading Teacher)

At Preston South Primary School we aim to develop in our students, the capacity to: reflect on problems; apply specific knowledge and skills; work collaboratively with others in our community; think creatively with metacognition; and find solutions. For individuals, the ability to be confidently engaged in lifelong learning is a highly desired skill. 

Collaborative teaching culture is a strong feature at Preston South Primary School.

Detailed curriculum planning aligned with the Victorian Curriculum, well-researched teaching practices and excellent professional learning are all designed to enhance student learning.

Teacher mentoring and peer appraisal are designed to improve teaching and learning and are linked to our well-managed professional learning program.

Our teachers believe that all students can learn.  Prior knowledge is assessed, particularly in the areas of literacy and numeracy, to ensure that each individual is able to develop and both formative and summative assessment is used to inform teaching and learning. Meaningful data on individuals and cohorts is collected, analysed and provided to relevant parties within our community. A differentiated approach is designed to meet the learning needs of each student. 

Authentic learning tasks provide clear criteria, prior to beginning the task, to enable each student to demonstrate what they have learned. Teachers engage in moderation to ensure consistency in the judgment of learning standards. 

Teacher mentoring and teacher appraisal is designed to improve teaching and learning and linked to the professional learning program.   Both within the School and in the wider community, collaborative partnerships are valued.


Tina Kyriazopolous (Prep Team Leader)


Tina Kyriazopoulos is a senior teacher at Preston South Primary School and is the Prep grade team leader.

Tina’s experience has incorporated teaching at all the grade levels and as a specialist L.O.T.E teacher of Greek. She has most recently concentrated on teaching the Prep grades and has expert knowledge of the programs and teaching strategies used in all of the junior grades.

Tina has undertaken professional roles that co-ordinate groups of teaching and support staff for program and community development. She has experience in teaching in a variety of classroom environments, such as team teaching and investigative learning.

Tina has in the past been a member of the P.S.P.S school council and represented the school at professional conferences. Tina supports the school leadership team in building community involvement and engagement within and beyond the classroom. She leads the Parent helper’s program and school family fun nights.

Chris Smyrenous (Grade 1 Team Leader)


Chris Smyrneos is an expert teacher who has worked at Preston South Primary, for a substantial amount of years with over a decade of successful teaching experience.

She is currently the year one Team Leader and teaches grade one students.

During her career, Chris worked with students from all year levels from foundation to grade 6 in the primary school setting.

Chris began her career as a specialist L.O.T.E teacher and has qualifications to teach and develop programs for Languages Other Than English, with specific expertise in  Greek Language and Culture. Chris has also undertaken the role of a librarian as well as a generalist teacher. As the coordinator of the library, she organises and plans our yearly ‘Book Week’ and ‘Book Fair’ events.  Chris demonstrates professionalism, commitment, and dedication in all aspects of her teaching and learning. She is a strong believer in promoting fair, harmonious, productive and cooperative workplace environments. Chris is very proud that our school is seen as a role model for best practice in the areas of Literacy.

Eloise Grillo (Grade 2/3 Team Leader)


Eloise has been a part of the Preston South Primary School staff for the last four years. She began her teaching career in 2015 as a graduate teacher and was assigned to teach year 1 students that year. Her first year of teaching was both an insightful and exciting year. She quickly acquired new skills, content knowledge and as well as further developed her professional practice. In addition to this Eloise, had the opportunity to immerse herself with the Preston South Primary School community. Following her successful year as a graduate classroom teacher, she then continued her journey at Preston South Primary School as a grade 1/2 teacher. Over the course of these years, she had the opportunity to work alongside a number of experienced teachers, engage in professional development courses, and take part in a number of projects and initiatives that she is most passionate about. These include the Science fair and the Well-being leaders’ initiative. Through these experiences, Eloise has grown professionally as a classroom teacher. In 2018 she joined the grade 2/3 teaching team and was the team leader for the 2/3 teaching staff in 2019.  She has thoroughly enjoyed working alongside the 2/3 team to compose and deliver a rich and insightful learning program that meets the needs of all students. Eloise looks forward to continuing her journey as a classroom teacher at Preston South Primary School and the opportunities yet to come

Julia Makacoska (Grade 5/6 Team Leader)


Julia has been part of the Preston South Primary School community for many years. She commenced her primary school years as a student in 1997 and following the completion of her Early Years Education Degree, returned in 2015 as part of the teaching staff. In 2017, Julia joined the leadership team as the year 4-6 team leader, focusing on building practice excellence.

Julia’s approach to education is driven by her passion in early years education and student wellbeing, and is modelled through the creation of an optimal supportive learning environment that fosters the development of critical and creative student advocacy. Her interest in psychology and wellbeing is also evident outside of her work, where she engages in various activities that foster wellbeing, such as mindfulness and creative workshops and critical thinking activities, naturally allowing her to implement these skills within her classroom, creating an engaging curriculum for her students. 

With her passion and focus on developing critical and creative thinkers, Julia has initiated and led the Philosophy curriculum program at Preston South Primary School, which was established in 2016. She has led a number of other curriculum programs including year 6-7 transition, eSmart and Information and Communications Technology (ICT), school camp, Junior School Council and the Sentral software and reporting system. Julia is an integral part of our team and the growing minds of our future generations. 

Lisa Niceski (Specialist)


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