Student Voice & Agency

Students at Preston South Primary school have multiple opportunities to have a voice, student agency and leadership. Students have a strong sense of agency, starting with more commitment and a strengthened focus on their learning, a positive cycle of learning is generated. Students who are empowered to take ownership of their learning understand and contribute to the development of learning intentions, are invested in the assessment processes and monitor their own learning and improvement. 

As students become invested in their own learning, they gain a better understanding of what good learning is and the purpose of it. This enables them to evaluate their own work, and to more purposefully discuss progress and achievement with teachers, each of which has a significant effect size on achievement (Hattie, 2009). 


Student Leadership

 At Preston South Primary School we offer all students the opportunity to become leaders. Students are provided with many leadership positions to develop their leadership skills.

School Captains

The School Captains are selected by staff. The school highly recognizes the value of our School Captains who are able to model the preferred leadership attributes and values of the school for other students. 

School Captains develop an agenda and run our weekly Monday School Assembly and also represent the school at various ceremonies and occasions.

Junior School Council

 The Junior School Council is an opportunity for students to experience leadership at school, and to actively participate in decision making, planning and program implementation within the school. The children in each class from Prep to Year 6 are nominated by their classmates based on  a speech presented to their class and are elected by their peers for a twelve month term of office.

Junior School Council is represented in three sub committees; Social services (fundraising), Sustainability and Values. The subcommittees meet regularly each term. These meetings are chaired by the Year 5 and 6 representatives and facilitated by the teacher/s responsible for each committee. They discuss any items raised by the children of the various classes, as well as performing a range of fundraising and awareness activities for charity.

Environmental Leaders

Environmental leader positions are held with each grade selecting two representative. These children meet fortnightly to continue to enhance our position as a sustainable school. They plan and implement ground improvements and monitor our levels of waste and energy usage.

House Captains

 Additionally, students in Year 6 can be nominated and subsequently elected to House Captain and Vice House Captain positions. There are three Houses at the school used for House sports, athletics and swimming, and School activities.

Blue: Darebin

Yellow: Merri

Red: Darebin

Wellbeing Leaders

The Wellbeing leaders at Preston South Primary School, are responsible for taking care of their peers within the school grounds and displaying acts of kindness towards fellow students. Wellbeing leaders run the Wellbeing Club. This club meet meets every Friday at lunch time. Wellbeing leaders encourage their peers to come along and have some fun! The club involves students engaging in a variety of activities that aim to enhance student’s social skills, build student confidence, encourage team building and allow for students to have some quiet time in a calm and welcoming environment. Students can engage in activities including board games, mindfulness colouring, yoga, dance club, Legos, and playdough creations.