About Us


School Captain!

Hello, my name is Georgia Saliba and I am a school Captain. With that role me and my partner in the role have a lot of responsibilties, but I am really greateful fro them and enjoy the exciting challenge. When I grow up I want to be a singer and I am looking forward to working hard for my dream in high school. I hope you enjoyed finding something new about me and thankyou for reading.


School Captain!

Hello my name is Munsoor Haidar. I am a School Captain at Preston South Primary School. When i got chosen it was a moment of happiness, joy and responsibility. A hobby of mine is playing Soccer. I am excited about my future endeavours in High School.


House Captain for Merri


School Vice Captain

Hi I am Jethro Clarke. I have been with Preston South primary school for 6 years and it's great! Everyone is kind and loving teachers, students and parents. Im the school vice captain along with Omiria. I will and hope to make this school it's best and lead with pride. I'm always up to help and I enjoy supporting people. My goal for life is to become a scientist or a chef. I hope to leave a good mark


House Captain for Merri!

Hi, my name is. I am 11 years old and I am a house captain for Merri at Preston South Primary School. I have been at this school since prep and i have loved it. I love being a house captain and helping students. 


House Captain for Darebin!

Hello my name is Iivan, my favourite colour is blue and i am 12 years old. I am the house captain for Darebin. Some of my favourite hobbies are playing soccer, basketball and tennis. I am in grade 6 and my teacher is MIss Makacoska. 


House Captain for Edgar!

Hello, my name is Dina Al-Khafayi. I am Edgars House Captain at Preston South Primary School. I am always willing to help and enjoy my time at Preston South. My goal is to become a successful artist and full-time Animator. I am nervous for High School, but i'm excited to take part in the adventure it will lay on me.