LOTE- Greek

Students at Preston South Primary begin learning the Greek Language from Grade Prep (Foundation) to Grade 6.

As quoted from the AusVELS “The Greek language is regarded as Non-Roman alphabetical languages – a language whose writing system is alphabetic but non-Roman, and for which a learner needs to acquire a new alphabet.”

The Greek Program has had a long History of operation at Preston South Primary. It has altered its hours of provision from time to time but has been existent for over 30 +years.

All students who commence to learn Greek in Prep or any other point of entry year continue to study the same Language (Greek) until they graduate from Grade 6. This provides consistency in the LOTE and allows for a build up of language awareness and communication in the Greek Language.

Greek classes provide appropriate learning experiences to all students who study Greek. The Greek Language develops student’s knowledge and skills either as a Greek Mother Tongue Speaker or as a Second/Third Language Learner.

Communicating in Greek also allows learners to be exposed to Intercultural knowledge of Greece gaining a cultural insight as well as acquiring the Greek language using the skills, behaviors, values, beliefs, cultural traditions and attitudes for effective communication. Listening, Speaking, Reading, Viewing, Writing, and the use of body language, visual cues and signs are used to assist with the acquisition of the Greek Language.

Students in the early years are exposed to varied songs, games, alphabet, and simple short familiar phrases/sentences.

As they progress through the year levels they participate in simple role-plays and other oral class activities. Greek Myths and Legends are used as a focal point in Projects within the classroom. Computers and iPads play an important role in assisting with the Greek class.

A Thematic and Inquiry approach is used to further assist with maintaining and extending the Greek Language.