The Victorian School Curriculum (AusVELS)  -

Resources for Parents

DEECD Resources for parents  -

Website provides a range of information including tips for helping your child with literacy and numeracy

Reading Eggs –

Sunshine Online -

Mathletics -

Study ladder -

Individual grades at  Preston South uses particular sites from this list as useful and fun adjuncts to face-to-face literacy and maths teaching. Contact your child’s teacher to find out which sites your child’s class is using and where appropriate, your child’s username and password.

Sustainability Resources

CERES Sustainability Hub –

CERES is a partner in our sustainability initiatives

ResourceSmart Online -

Introductory information regarding our sustainability journey (Note that data entry pages specific to our school require a password to access and hence are not publically accessible)

Positive School Environment

Bullying No Way  -

We have a zero tolerance in relation to bullying.

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